How to Play Dicesweeper

Dicesweeper is playable for free in any Discord community that has it enabled! You can start without any NFTs by simply typing /ddsopenchallenge in the #dicesweeper channel.


Win to Earn

Q: What am I earning?

A: On-chain VCTY which can be exchanged for BNB, USDT, and other currencies!


Q: How do I claim my earnings?

A: You can claim up to 10 tokens a day by using the “/ddsclaimtokens” command.


Q: What do I need to unlock my earnings?

A: Just hold at least 2200 $GXP. You can get it cheaply from! You don’t have to hold more to keep claiming. Then visit your vault to cash out!



Q: I have Draco Dice. How do I use them to play?

A: Follow these easy steps. In the #dicesweeper channel in Discord, issue these commands:

1. /verifywallet (then follow the instructions)

2. /enablewallet

3. /ddsautosetup

Scoring events and enchants

These are the scoring events in Dicesweeper:

More points: +100 points
Fewer points: -100 points for losing
Flag a die: +50 points
Each undiscovered die: +10 points
Activate opponent’s Restore: -50 points
Play Restore: +50 points

These are the Enchant abilities:

Guard: Protects the owner from the next Enchant that would be triggered against him.
Splash: The owner’s next Search reveals 5 tiles in a cross. Dice revealed in this way still activate their Enchants.
Immolate: Prevents the player from flagging for 3 turns.
Stagger: Ends the player’s turn and skips the player’s next turn.
Rally: Increases the owner’s next action count by 1 and protects them from losing actions to incorrect flags for that turn.
Haunt: Marks a 2×2 area of the opponent’s grid in which one of their intact dice is.
Punish: Reveals 3 random unrevealed tiles in the opponent’s grid and auto-flags any dice revealed.
Restore: Grants +50 points. Subtracts 50 points from triggering player.